In 1965, at “Roma Coffee Bar”, a group of young people decided to found a new team of “Arancieri”.
This group was created by Mario Paggi, Mario Zanotti, Beppe Telatin, Dino Petrossi and Dario Regalio (Dragon). The new team had to be strong, rich in spirit, aggressive during the battle to get the supremacy glamour, for these reasons the name and the emblem of “Pantera Nera” was chosen, synonymous of supremacy and territorial conquest.
The team took part at the Carnival of 1966 with 22 members.
Initially Pantera Nera fought in Piazza di Città, then in Piazza Ottinetti, for two years in Piazza Ferrando and finally in Piazza Rondolino.
Piazza di Città was officially assigned to Picche and Morte teams; our team would had fight in this Piazza di Città, in 1966 we thrown down the gauntlet to these two teams. We won the battle, we were the stronger, the most generous and best organized.

The 5th of March 1975, was written a document, signed by the 8 Arancieri teams that were present at the Carnival and by the organizing committee, which allowed Pantera Nera the right to challenge floats for 8 years in Piazza di Città for one day.
Since 1975 until 1986 Pantera Nera has been the biggest team and the more loved by young people; there are 60 children as mascots.
In 1975 the committee announced a new challenge between the Arancieri: the “Palio” and in this first edition Pantera Nera won.
In 1976 we were the winner for throw and for uniform colours, and as a greatest recognition we won the “l’Arancia d’oro” (the Gold Orange).
Petrossi, the founder leader of Pantera Nera, in 1977 receive a big recognition: the awarding of the first “Walter Grava” trophy given by Scorpioni d’Arduino, in memory of a friend of them and their leader.
Unfortunately after few months our dear Petrossi left us; the team committee decided to remember the friend who died with a trophy dedicated to his family.
In 1981, during the parade of Saturday night, with a big surprise and enthusiasm of all citizens, two magnificent black panthers walked near the Arancieri of Pantera Nera (Black Panther) group. After some years we repeated the parade with this black and pretty feline.
We won again the “Palio” in 1983, after a winning and a hard-won victory against “Diavoli”.
In those years each team started with local parties immediately after the parade and the Black Panther group started to aggregate Arancieri, friends and tourists in Piazza Fillak, our yellow-black district. Since a couple of years we have moved to Piazza Balla, always together with love and after eating and drinking, who wants can go for a dance at the travelling disco.
In 1995, for 30 years of foundation, with our cousins of the Scorpione d’Arduino group, we organized a big party in Piazza di Città, with music and marvellous laser beams that drew in the sky the symbol of two teams and boy during the battle.
In 1994 Drago group receive the trophy “Walter Grava” with general consent.
In 2005 we were absolute winner in fighting spirit.
Who does not want to participate in the battle directly, can find a serene and fascinating environment. New ideas, projects, initiatives are welcome and you can also help to the organization of the team, dressing with flags the city or in other works that can help with the growth of Pantera Nera Group.